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Steuben County Council on Aging • 317 S. Wayne St., Suite 1 B • Angola, IN 46703

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Mission Statement

The Steuben County Council on Aging is a community leader in advocacy and services, including transportation, for older adults and others to empower independence and enhance well-being.

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Welcome to the Steuben County Council on Aging  Community Center!!!


The Steuben County Council on Aging is staffed with dedicated people who are committed to assisting older

adults and persons with disabilities so that they are able to remain independent in the home of their choice

with dignity, thus preventing premature institutionalization.

The SCCOA is an independent, not-for-profit agency funded by: Title IIB Older Americans Act, Medicaid,  

Trustees/County Commissioners, City of Angola, Churches and Civic Groups,

Steuben County United Way, Foundations & Grants, Private Donations and Fundraising.


The SCCOA acknowledges and supports the rights of all individuals and is actively involved in

serving older adults & persons with disabilities, as well as low-income families without any discrimination.

We believe all   persons have the right to know what is available to help them care for  themselves.  

The Council on Aging staff can help provide this information to you.  

We provide a wide range of information from all over Steuben County and the region.

If we can be of help, let us know — we are here to serve you!

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Since I have become a board member at the Council on Aging, I am frequently asked “What is a senior?” and “how old do you have to be to come to the Senior Center?”  I struggle with the first question—because only YOU can answer that question.  I can answer the second one because our center is open to anyone who desires the companionship and enjoyment of folks their age.

My trusty dictionary tells me a senior is” #1) of or being the older of 2;  #2) of higher rank or standing than another.  (I think I like #2 better.)  Being a senior is not an “age”, it’s a feeling!  Those of us who have been fortunate enough to be Baby Boomers (and beyond) have earned that “higher ranking” in my book.   Many of us came up through some tough times - but we made it.  We’ve worked (some still do); raised our children as best we could, spoiled our grandchildren, volunteered in our community (many still do) and so much more.  We’re independent, young at heart, full of knowledge of real life experiences -  and we love being out and about with other folks our age and having FUN!!  Our pace may be a bit slower- -and we may need a little assistance now and then - we get up in the morning ready to face the day before us.  Each new day is a gift - and we don’t want to waste a minute of it.

The Senior Center at the COA is the “Connection Center” in our county.  In addition to being a resource for many needed services in our area, our folks come to the center to have FUN!  Getting there may be a challenge right now (and we’re working hard to fix that) - but as you walk down the hallway you can hear the laughter and feel the camaraderie.  Be sure to check our your calendar of events in the newsletter - here are lots of upcoming programs you will not want to miss.  Be sure to tell your friends  - we all know someone -  a friend or neighbor  - who needs to get out of the house and make new friends.                                             The more the merrier!!!

If you are not on Facebook  - you need to “get with it!”  Pam is doing a fantastic job of     updating daily activities on our Facebook page -  and smile” because you just might see yourself on our page.  “Don’t have a car?  Ride STAR” … If you need a ride to and from the Senior Center, call and make your reservation.  Remember, “Seniors” ride for a donation!  You will be amazed at all the exciting plans that are being made for the coming months  - we need you to make it even better!

And finally, I need to give you my “relocation plug” - our board members have been looking around the area for suitable locations for the Council on Aging offices.  We do have a “wish list” and we are diligently reseaching every property that we feel will meet our needs.  Have you ever been to Cahoots in downtown Angola?  It is the local coffee house primarily designed for the youth in our community.  I keep telling everyone that we need a “Cahoots for Seniors” - a warm, comfy, inviting location for our senior folks to “hang out”.  In my mind, I have a vision of such a place where we can gather, enjoy a cup of coffee, have fun and still provide all the services that are needed.

If you have any ideas, please share them with us.  We are as near as your phone or email.  Also, our board of directors meet the fourth Thursday of each month at 1pm.  You are    always welcome to join us and share your ideas with our board.                                         We want to hear from YOU!

Karen Shelton                                                                                                                         COA Board President  - 260-316-9437 -  kwshelton64@gmailcom